Rupin maxillofacial aesthetic and trauma care

Brand Development for a Maxillo facial center and trauma care unit.


1. Name suggestion

A Hindi/ Sanskrit influenced name was to be suggested for their multi speciality trauma care center dealing with maxillofacial treatments in accordance to the market and their client base being in Bhopal.

2. Tagline suggestion for Maxillofacial Trauma care center

3. Corporate Logo Design

4. Brand Building (Brand language and positioning)

Suggesting a Combined Brand language for Maxillofacial Trauma center/ Smilearc Dental clinic that         strengthens its unique identity and presence in the market.

5. Corporate Stationery (Letterhead, Visiting card, Envelopes)

6. Corporate Collaterals (Patients folder, Pamphlet etc.)


Smilearc is a private holistic dental care centre, offering family dental care as well as high end cosmetic and restorative dentistry. They have a high end, resourceful facility which caters to preventive dental care as well as treatments for all kinds of dental complaints.

Requirement : They wanted to establish another brand name for their maxillofacial trauma care center….

Graphic attributes/ Keywords for the brand:

–  Approachable: Friendly and recognizable to the wide variety of patients.
–  Modern and unique, keeping it Simple yet elegant.
– Trust & Care: Building a relationship between the doctor and the patient.
– Clean & Precise. To be able to adapt to various mediums across print, online and large spaces.

Name & Tagline Suggestion:

The sanskrit name “Rupin” meaning embodied beauty/ a beautiful appearance was suggested and finalized.

The name rupin is used emphasizing over ‘i‘  meaning ‘me/ my beautiful appearance’.

The logoform shows transformational face silhouette ( that includes skull, face/ jaw & neck) depicting the magic that their maxillofacial experts bring to the patient’s appearance. The tagline ‘Cosmetic excellence. Stunning faces’ creates impact as it focuses on Rupin’s values and the results they deliver.

The colors used: Blue/ Turquoise are medical colors and have immense healing powers. Green brings life and positive change.

Corporate Logo + Brand language

rupin_black and white rupin_in color

Stationery (Visiting cards + Letterheads for respective doctors+ Prescription form + Patient’s Folder)


100_9108_1 100_9110_1

100_9088 copy


Patients Folder Design

Front and Back Cover

100_9057_1 100_9115_1100_908_1

Rupin patients folder_covr

Inner spread with dockets on both sides…

Rupin patients folder1


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