BD Medical ‘Team Building Activity’_We’fresh

Corporate Event Ideation + Visualization + Brand language + Creative Design solution across various touch points for BD Pharmaceutical.

A corporate team building workshop for their Pharmaceutical business was organised for a small yet high performing team of 13 people, which is a customer facing group that worked on long term long gestation contracts with pharma companies. The work that often involved several months, even couple of years of working under uncertainty in terms of project completion and success, under continuous pressure within the organization as well to perform.

The objective of this workshop is

  • Open channels of communication within the team members to facilitate exchange of ideas, fears, risks and issues
  • Encourage trust building amongst the team members which leads to faster and efficient problem resolution
  • Promote Synergy
  • Foster deeper and more open bonds within the team
  • Enhance Teamwork

Tone and Feel:

  • Friendly, conducive to promoting team spirit, trust building


The deliverables include: 

  • Name suggestion for the workshop
  • Tagline Suggestion
  • Logo design
  • Brand Language Design
  • Teaser E-mailers before the announcement of the event details
  • Final Announcement Mailer

Event organized at Four Points by Sheraton, Gurgaon 


Logo Design

Wefresh Logo
Teaser 1_option 1a


Teasers_2 Announcement Mailer1