Kiosk Design

Kiosk Design for an Initiative by Novartis India Pvt. Ltd.


The requirement is to design a multi-utility/ informative kiosk that talks about healthy living under the aegis of Aarogya Bhava. These will be installed at the reception, common & waiting areas inside the hospitals…
The idea is to promote health, and healthy living by setting up kiosks in hospitals that look dynamic, vibrant & are informative at the same time.


The viewers are essentially patients and their acquaintances who will come in the hospitals.

Vibrant, Colourful, easy to understand, a name that is memorable and is easy to recall.

Campaign/ Kiosk Name:

Multiple names were suggested that could be apt for this initiative keeping in mind a target audience which could easily relate and recall a name.


Name Chosen: Kalpa:vraksha / Kalpavruksha

Kalpavraksha = Kalpa + Vraksha
~ In sanskrit the word kalpa (कलप is a term for an endlessly long period of time, used to calculate world cycle)….and Vraksha (वृक्ष is a tree).
~ A tree known to be ‘full of life’. It is also known as the Wish-granting divine tree of Hindu mythology. It is eulogized as a tree that is endless in life and has the properties/capabilities to bless one with a long healthy life.

option-2_1 option-2_simulation

final-kiosk-design 01_kiosk-creative_hindi_3 02_kiosk-creative_option-2-2 02_kiosk-creative_option-2-3