Aroma Magic Product Graphics

Aroma magic Product Graphics to be used in Parlors and retail publicity …


The deliverables include: –


For Parlors: Glow Signs board | One way vision | Thematic Posters etc.


For Retail: Product Posters | Danglers | Shelf talkers  | Shelf strips etc.


Some screens showing graphics for their beauty product range…

1. Thematic Posters to be put inside Beauty parlors: 


2. Glow Sign Board Designs to be put outside parlors:


presentation_aromamagic presentation_aromamagic3.One way vision sheets to be put on Parlor glass:presentation_aromamagic


4 . Product Posters to be put in retail outlets displaying the various Aroma magic products:


5. Shelf strips and Dangler Graphics:presentation_aromamagic presentation_aromamagic


dangler_almond-moisturising-lotion dangler_cold-cream



6. Shelf talkers:
shelf-talker_cold-cream  shelf-talker_vit E




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