Corporate Event_TECHNOVATION 6 for BD Medical

Corporate Event Ideation + Visualization + Brand language + Creative Design solution across various touch points for BD Medical.  A corporate event named TECHNOVATION  (Season 6) was organized by BD in order to engage the top management of BD’s customers…people from the Project team, R&D, Quality, Business Development, Packaging & Manufacturing/operations of Large pharmacy companies, Hospital chains, Diagnostic Labs, Healthcare funders (BMGF, WHO,UNICEF … Continue reading Corporate Event_TECHNOVATION 6 for BD Medical


Women Entrepreneurship : The Road Ahead

Women Entrepreneurship : The Road Ahead 1) Please introduce yourself I am Shruti Goyal Rawat, Founder and Design Head, Designembryo - a multidisciplinary graphic design Studio. I'm a Visual Communication designer, a consultant, a blogger and an individual who believes in creating MEANINGFUL DESIGNS… Design to me is not arty flashy but a … Continue reading Women Entrepreneurship : The Road Ahead