Santosh Group

Santosh is a group comprising of University, Medical Institution, Hospitals and Allied Sciences.

The deliverables include: –

– Brand language creation

– Information Brochure for Santosh University (16 pages)

– Banners

Brochure Design:

A 16 page brochure with a sleek docket at the end to hold two inserts of their services and clients was designed, taking forward the visual language of Upward moving triangles intelligently, taking the organisation to a different leveraged platform…

A few screens of the same are shared:

front back

2,3 4,5 7,8 9,10 11,12 13,14 15,16


Creatives developed for the Health Packages provided by Santosh Hospital to cater to its patients in Ghaziabad.

Gynae package_1FF
Gynae package_1FE
surgery_package santosh1


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