BD India – Event ‘ALCHEMY’

Corporate Event Ideation + Visualization + Brand language + Creative Design solution across various touch points for BD India.

A corporate event named ‘ALCHEMY’  that is a transformational collaboration between BD and Fortis…was organized by BD in order to engage the top management (CEO, CFO, Strategy Head, Procurement Head) of their customers – Large pharma companies, Hospital chains, Diagnostic Labs, Healthcare funders (BMGF, WHO,UNICEF etc) .

These meetings are a relationship building activity for BD…


Objective of the Event:

  • To understand the role of BD and Fortis in the current Healthcare space .
  • Identify gaps & define the collaborative way-forward to impact positive health outcomes
  • Identify opportunities to create shared value
  • An engagement platform for senior leadership of BD

Event organized at The oberoi, Gurgaon


The deliverables include: –

– Event Theme + Event Branding – Logo

– Brand language (Colors/ Look and feel/ Type suggestion/ overall graphic style and communication style)

–  Touch points for Participant Engagement:

Event communication material like:

  1. E-invite
  2. Mailers (Save the date mailer, Agenda mailer, From the MD’s desk mailer),
  3. Pre read,
  4. One pager (explaining about BD),
  5. Multipager booklet (for distribution at the event)
  6. Slide deck
  7. Wall of legacy etc…

Save the Date

agenda mailer_1 01_Invitation Card 02_Invitation jacket & card 03_Invitation jacket (front) 04_Invitation jacket (back) Person holding an ipad showing Youtube one pager legacy wall (simulation) Legacy Wall 1 simulation

From Ravi Dawar's Desk Mailer

Md message (Ipad) 1
From The MD's Desk Mailer 1_1

Md message (Ipad) 2

One Response to “BD India – Event ‘ALCHEMY’”
  1. Shruti Goyal Rawat says:

    Awesome variation across various touchpoints, with a beautiful and attractive usage of colors.

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