my-photoShruti is a Visual Communication designer, a consultant, & an entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Design Head at Designembryo,  a multi-disciplinary graphic Design Studio that is energized by understanding business goals/ design requirements and translating them further into meaningful & profitable design solutions that have the potential to improve business credibility, brand visibility, & product experience.

She possesses a distinct mix of sensibilities and academics as she started with a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering followed by a Post-graduation in Communication Design from MIT Institute of Design, Pune & then an Executive Management Program from IIM-Bangalore…a distinctive amalgamation of Engineering, Design and Management altogether.

She comes with an understanding of over 10 years in the Design Industry with work experience with some excellent Design studios & agencies prior to her graphic design studio. At Designembryo, she has successfully provided graphic design services to over 75+ companies across Pharma, Hospitals/ Wellness, Real Estate, Hospitality, Travel, Start-ups, Services & Education etc.

She is an individual who believes in creating MEANINGFUL DESIGNS. To her ‘Design is not about creating pretty arty flashy pictures but a solution which can help people at macro or micro levels’. Design to her is an experience that can be brought in our day to day activities by conceptualizing ideas which strike just the right balance, evoke emotions, have the power to transform, and the capability to bring a lovely smile on the viewer’s face.

She is a Women Entrepreneur who has paved her way from scratch with lots of ups and downs in her journey of running her studio and strongly feels that if you have the passion for doing something and really want to do it.Let bygones be bygones’, listen to your heart and ‘Just go for it’. SWOOSH.