Yearn Life Essentials

Complete Brand Development for Yearn Life Essentials– an organisation that aims to help youth of today realize, acknowledge and measure that lacunae that lies in there path to success. It prepares the youth towards success through an innovative program called “Essentials of Success“.

The deliverables include: –

– Branding (corporate logo, brand language and brand positioning)

– Corporate Stationery (letterhead, Visiting card, Envelopes, CD stickers)

– Marketing Material/ Corporate Collaterals (brochure-16 pager, pamphlet, leaflets, certificate, receipt book, registration form, Standees, Posters)

– Program Kit (program folder, program module books -3 books)

– Website/ Online material (Corporate Website Design, powerpoint template, e-profile, e-brochure)


Branding (Corporate Logo + Brand language)


23w grd1

– Corporate Stationery

Letterhead, Visiting card, Envelopes, CD stickers, Bookmarks100_7772

100_7741 100_7742 100_7747

CD stickers 
CD cover creative

Program Kit – to be given to students enrolled for “Essential of Success” program.

  Program folder with program modules inside

100_7686 100_7729 100_7705

100_7738 100_7764 100_7765

Cover page Designs of ‘Program Modules 1,2 and 3’ for Young professionals

100_7694 100_7696 100_7699 100_7701 100_7702

Marketing Material/ Corporate Collaterals – Brochure-16 pager, Pamphlet, Leaflets, Poster, Standees, Certificate, Receipt book, Registration form

Brochure Design concept (16 pages)

100_7710 100_7711 100_7714 100_7715 100_7716 100_7717

Pamphlet Design

100_7719 100_7720

Pamphlet (inner spread) 

 Leaflet Design



Posters for colleges



Standee designs for seminars in colleges 

yearn standees

standee 1a

01_Standee 1

Certificate Design


Receipt and Registration forms 
Receipt designRegistration form

– Website/ Online material

Corporate Website Design, Powerpoint template, E-profile, E-brochure

web1 web2


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