Recently i tried my hands on doing some caricatures, a graphic style which used to interest me a lot yet never had to courage to try it out..

But, one SOS project requirement made me take the decision to try it out and see if i can also do it..Below are some of them i made. Any constructive feedback or input is welcome. The caricatures are a representation of the 4 main characters from the movie 3 Idiots which set different examples for the students across about the right attitude needed for education and learning.

1. That’s ‘VIRUS’ – the professor in the movie 3 IDIOTS

2. That’s ‘RANCHO’ – the genius in the movie 3 IDIOTS who falls for Piya- the spectacled girl…

3. That’s ‘FARHAN’ – the photographer in the movie 3 IDIOTS.

4. That’s ‘RAJU’ – the one who becomes employed towards the end in the movie 3 IDIOTS

And, here come the final outcome –  the Cover Page of  an infomedia  print magazine “UPTUWATCH” ( every month which covers & focuses on 600 plus colleges along with 10 universities of Uttar Pradesh having a student strength of 10,00,000(approx). Their magazine has emerged to be the biggest targeted YOUTH publication in Uttar Pradesh.

Any comments/ constructive inputs are welcome.


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