Corporate Event_TECHNOVATION 6 for BD Medical

Corporate Event Ideation + Visualization + Brand language + Creative Design solution across various touch points for BD Medical. 

A corporate event named TECHNOVATION  (Season 6) was organized by BD in order to engage the top management of BD’s customers…people from the Project team, R&D, Quality, Business Development, Packaging & Manufacturing/operations of Large pharmacy companies, Hospital chains, Diagnostic Labs, Healthcare funders (BMGF, WHO,UNICEF etc.).


Objective of the Event: To share global trends, new regulations, latest technologies in this field with the pharmaceutical fraternity to expand the market space for Prefilled Syringes in India.

Key Theme: Delivering Bright Solutions  in healthcare

Event organized at 4 locations:

Hyderabad | Bangalore | Mumbai | Ahmedabad


The deliverables include: –

– Event Theme + Event Branding – Logo

– Brand language (Colors/ Look and feel/ Type suggestion/ overall graphic style and communication style)

– Touch points for Participant Engagement:

  1. Event communication material like:
    1. E-invite
    2. Mailers (Save the date mailer, Agenda mailer, Topic mailers),
    3. Multi pager booklet (for distribution at the event)
    4. Wall of legacy etc…

dsc_0314 dsc_0469 dsc_3480 dsc_3492dsc_0030

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01_Invitation Card 102_Invitation Card 203_Invitation Card 3dsc_9879

Technovation Agenda_with Gregoire_101_Mailer_Session 102_Mailer_Session 2-303_Mailer_Session 4seq 01_mutipager cover backseq 02_front cover openseq 03_inner right page openseq 04_center spread back openseq 05_next spread 5BDX wall artwork_4 july01_option1_SimulationTent card simulationFramed MockUp-WhiteFramed MockUp


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